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How to Store Jewelry

How to store jewelry is important not only to ease our job of selecting them but also to maintain their best condition. Those who own a large selection of accessories will have to learn not only to wear them with style but also to care for them, by taking the necessary precautions. Various materials can scratch and deteriorate due to external factors as sunlight, chemicals and inappropriate storage. Consequently you'll lengthen the glam and dazzle of silver, gold or fantasy jewelry pieces with the following tips.

How to Store Jewelry?

Complement your look with chic accessories as jewelry of all sizes, color and materials. Choosing the right spot to store these is one of the essential principles to maintain their precious quality. Deterioration might occur due to endless factors therefore it is our duty to keep these at a moderate distance. Those who are fond of similar tiny still representative details can juggle with the various types of jewelry that are available on the market. Add a tint of your personality by sporting the latest trends in accessory fashion and mesmerize your entourage with the ever-glamorous necklaces, rings and brooches. Follow the guidelines below for the appropriate storage of jewelry.

  • The first step towards success is always to have all your jewelry at hand. Cleansing is one of the crucial phases in order to eliminate the dirt and other residues from the surface of these must have accessories. Whether you start with the precious, silver, gold or cameo pieces or the fantasy ones the point is to devote enough time and effort to all of them separately. Always follow the right principles on how to care for and cleanse various materials. The more refined ones will require a specialized handling whereas the less sophisticated jewelry would be more easily cleansed with lukewarm soapy water.

  • Choose a personalized jewelry box, these items are the best means to protect jewelry from any damage and contamination with dirt and other chemicals. Those who are eager to prepare their own design can appeal to handcraft skills and add some stylish pearls and shades to a plain box.

    It is also highly recommended to have more of these for the special materials. However if you'll spot a design that has tiny drawers it will be more useful to save some money and space.

  • Pay special attention to inner lining, this is one of the crucial elements of an ideal jewelry box. Jewelry can suffer from the effect of scratching and rubbing. Therefore it is a wise idea to use a soft and smooth fabric to offer a protective shield to your earrings and brooches.

    Silver is especially sensitive to the effect of an inappropriate jewelry box. It is a less well-known fact that silver necklaces, and bracelets as well as any other type of jewelry prepared from this material can damage to an extreme extent when placed and kept on a wooden surface. The wood has the power to dissolve silver and steal the shine and glittering of your accessories.

  • Organize your jewelry according to a special order. Namely, the ones that you wear most often should be stored in the same box. However it is also important to group the ones that are refined in style and texture in a separate box. Keep your favorite jewelry at hand, in a box that is accessible. Those that aim to perk up your formal and more ceremonial look might be also placed into a distinct box that can be stored in a safe place in your drawer. These should be spared from the effect of dust and other external damaging agents.

  • Place your jewelry in a smooth and well-laid position. This is the only means to prevent them from tangling. In order to protect the safety of your necklaces and bracelets as well as chandelier earrings place them in larger boxes that allow the proper storage.

    You might encounter tearing and other unfortunate consequences if you neglect this important principle. Your earrings can be placed into the same box with your rings since these won't have a damaging effect on each other due to their fine design and texture.

  • Keep your jewelry box in a safe place, make sure it is not affected by humidity or the harmful effect of UV light. Those who have their drawers near the windows should move their jewelry away from direct sunlight, instead find a spot that is safe enough to keep the jewelry away from any effects. The various precious metals would suffer due to humid conditions and the chances for discoloration is higher than average. Moreover it is also forbidden to apply the perfume after putting on the jewelry. Due to the harsh and complex composition of these cosmetics some materials might lose their shine and natural color. Instead apply the alluring aroma on your body before you would sport the crowning elements of your outfit.

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