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How to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry shopping can be great fun however buying high quality accessories means also some obligations. These refer to the care and cleaning of these in order to preserve their best shape. Jewelries are indeed some of the most fragile and refined details of our appearance. As a consequence your bracelets, earrings and brooches will reveal your style-consciousness and fondness for accessories. Dirt, humidity as well as other external factors can influence the condition of your jewelries. Besides offering them the proper storage you must also devote more time to their cleaning. Use some homemade or on the contrary professional methods to add the fabulous glam to your diamond ring or silver earrings.

Jewelry Cleaning Guide

Similarly to handbags and clothes in general each material deserved a specialized treatment. This can be best defined if you find out more about the main qualities and traits of various materials and metals. Silver, gold as well as pearl and diamonds require a sophisticated treatment with some jewelry-friendly cleaning products. These can be actually found in your own kitchen or at specialized stores depending on your preference. The shine and spotless condition of bracelets and necklaces as well as other types of accessories can be ruined by various effects. Make up, perfume as well as the effect of dust can all have a damaging influence on these vulnerable materials. In order to secure the perfect appearance make sure you wear only clean and shiny jewelries instead if appealing to the moth-eaten ones. Vintage jewelry makes and apparent exception however these pieces are also spared of grime and dust, still their style resembles that of jewelries from the last century. Let yourself be guided by professional advice in order to lengthen the life of your flawless and enchanting jewelries.

Before Cleaning
  • First and foremost the most important step before cleaning your jewelries is to remove the dust and dirt from the surface. For this ritual use a soft cloth as these will prevent damages as scratching and tearing. Proceed gently and use preferably a flannel cloth for the guaranteed results.This trick can be applied in the case of both silver, gold as well as pearl and platinum.

  • Silver Jewelry Care

  • Rings, necklaces as well as bracelets that are simple and lack gemstones can be easily cleaned with the help of baking soda. In this case take a medium bowl and fill it with hot water. The next step is to place your creative jewelry into the water, then cover it with a tiny amount of baking soda. However make sure it covers it completely.

  • Leave it in for 2-3 minutes then take the jewelry out and dry it with a soft and smooth cloth. It is important to always dry silver jewelries as humidity is one of the greatest enemies of this metal. Keep on with this practice as long as your accessories get back their outstanding brightness.

  • Furthermore silver can be also cleansed with a little water and a few drops of gentle detergent. This ritual can be also applied to the jewelries that have an additional gemstone. Pour a few drops of detergent in a medium bowl and additionally water. Wipe off the dirt and grime of the jewelry and make sure you don't touch the gemstones as these might suffer from a harsh contact with any chemicals. Finally as you notice the visible result dry the rings or necklaces with the soft cloth.

  • Toothpastes are also perfect especially the ones that contain baking soda. Therefore choose simple products without any additional whitening effect or gel formula as these might be either too harsh or inefficient when cleaning your silver jewelry. First dip a cloth into a little water, then apply a drop of toothpaste on the silver . Use the cloth to rub the grime off and give back its initial and brilliant shine. Keep on for a few minutes until you'll notice the actual results. Make sure to be gentle in order to avoid damages. The tarnish and dirt will appear on the cloth as the best sign of the efficiency of this method. Finally rinse the paste of and dry your jewelries.

  • Gold Jewelry

  • In the case of gold jewelries you can also adopt the mild detergent method as it will have a similarly efficient effect on this metal too. In this case however you can also use a soft and less damaging toothbrush. Dip the jewelry into the water with the additional detergent.

  • Leave it in this solution for at least 15 minutes, as gold can attract more dirt and might need a more refine cleaning process. After the time is up start brushing the jewelries from the simple details to the more complicated ones. Then wash the traces of the detergent off with pure water and dry the pieces with a softer cloth. Keep away of toothpastes and baking soda as these are forbidden ingredients this time.

  • Pearl Jewelry

  • Pearls can be considered some of the most fragile jewelry materials therefore they deserve special attention. In this case one of the time-tested solutions to clean your dirty or faded pieces with soapy water. However it must be mentioned that you are allowed only to use baby soap as this is PH neutral and would be able to remove dirt without having a harsh effect on pearls. Abrasive solutions can only scratch and deteriorate pearls, therefore keep these and other chemicals away of these accessories. Take a small bowl and fill it with lukewarm water add a few drops of baby soap and place the pearls in it. Leave these only for 1-2 minutes in the water then dry them with a smooth cloth.

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